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Our Family Gap Year Travels

In July 22, 2017 our family of 4 left on a year long trip around the world. We were gone for 12.5 months returning home on August 8, 2018.

Our RTW trip lasted for 382 days. We were stamped into 31 unique countries and crossed 36 borders (we crossed a few borders more than once!). We visited 101 cities, slept in 43 hotels, 37 hostels, 22 guesthouses, 14 apartments, 1 bus, 4 trains, 2 planes, 4 yurts, 2 campsites, 4 teahouses, 10 homesteads, 2 boats, 2 resorts, 2 deserts, 4 friend's houses, 1 hobbit house, 1 Reed Island, 1 Hut in the Amazon & 1 Salt Hotel. We moved, on average, every 2.43 days.

It was epic, exhausting and absolutely incredible!!

You can find a round-up of all the fun stats from the year in my reflections on a year around the world, or find out where we were at when we hit the 6-month mark!

Sit back, grab a cup of something warm (or wine!), and read about the incredible adventures we had traveling the world as a family, starting from the beginning!