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I am a wife to the most amazing husband (Randy) and mom to two beautiful, spirited little girls. Luckily for me, they all love to travel! I want to raise global citizens, and I plan to do this through travel. And by travel, I mean finding off the beaten path locations where we’re forced way out of our comfort zone and really experience how other people live. This doesn’t mean we never go to more traditional travel locales, we find an excuse to go to Paris whenever we can! It just means making an effort to travel to places a little less typical and a little less touristy.






Randy and I, with and without the girls, have eaten our way around Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia, enjoyed scuba-diving in Fiji and Hawaii, backpacked around Europe, Nicaragua, Honduras and West Africa, lived in Japan, driven around Iceland, rented apartments in France, enjoyed the Christmas markets in Germany, gone fishing in Alaska, enjoyed Disneyland, relaxed in all-inclusive resorts in Cuba, Mexico & Costa Rica and rushed through a layover in Morocco. We’re currently on an epic one-year Round The World trip through non-English, non-Western countries.





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about me


A bit more about me!! I am a Canadian girl with a severe case of wanderlust. I also like to keep myself busy. For my day job I’m an eye doctor and run my own clinic (with 2 great partners). My other job would be scheming! I am a sucker for “vorfreud”, anticipatory pleasure, and get excited just by the thought of traveling. I love sitting down with a glass of wine to plan our next adventure. Knowing what we can and should do on our travels helps to satisfy my type-A personality and lets me feel in control. It also allows a great deal of flexibility (very important with kids) to ensure we make the most of every destination without a scheduled itinerary. I usually have at least one trip-planning on the go, and am starting on the next one as soon as we take-off to go anywhere.



Travel inspires more travel


about me


Randy is the technical brain behind Where Is The World. He runs his own business from home giving him lots of time to work on projects schemed up by me! Often he pretends to think that many of my travel plans are ridiculous but he never complains about coming along. Sometimes he even schemes up some pretty good ideas himself! Luckily for me, he almost never says “no”.







Calais (Kal-lay) is a sweet seven year old who loves dress-up and anything that has to do with Princesses. She’s currently skipping grade two French immersion and looks forward to being our interpreter! Her favourite travel memory so far is going up the Eiffel Tower and when she grows up she wants to visit the Eiffel Tower 10 more times! Calais’ first big trip was to San Fransisco when she was 7 weeks old. On a recent flight the man in the security line asked if this was her first flight, she replied ” yes….today!”







Kacela (Kuh-say-luh) is a headstrong but soft hearted five year old who keeps us on our toes. We call her Kaisa (Kay-suh) most of the time. Her favourite thing about traveling is riding on an airplane and she gets excited when we let her and Calais sit by themselves. Kacela’s first flight was to Victoria when she was 10 days old. She slept the entire time!





what you'll find here

We’ve learned a lot over the years through experience and mistakes. I have lots of advice that I love to share, and my goal is to get new family travellers out experiencing the world, even if you work a 9-5 and “don’t have time”. Hopefully I can encourage you to push out of your comfort zone and go…don’t let having kids stop you! I’ll share my tips and advice for all aspects of traveling with your kids. I will also take you along on our own family adventures; weekends away, summer vacations, extended stretches roaming off the beaten path, and much more.

Have a question or want some advice? Send me an email! I love helping others plan almost as much as I like planning for myself.

Join my scheming and follow our travels, then get on board and start planning your own!


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about me