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Family Travel Around The World

There are so many things we love about traveling as a family. First and foremost, it gives us uninterrupted time with our kids, the most precious gift! We also grow together individually and as a family by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and throwing ourselves head-on into crazy experiences.

Our favourite travels are off the beaten path, and unique experiences. Here you'll find a history of all my travel posts. Some are in order of our adventures, many are not! Settle in with a cup of tea/coffee/wine/water (whatever your pleasure) and armchair travel the world with us...just remember to take notes for your own adventure!

An Epic Newfoundland Road Trip

If you’re looking for the ideal road trip Newfoundland is a great place to consider. Newfoundland is wild, windswept and perched on the edge of the Atlantic. It’s part of Canada but a world unto itself. The best way to see this...

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