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Family Travel in Nepal

Family Travel in Nepal is becoming increasingly more common. It's no wonder! Nepal receives enough tourism that the infrastructure is good, but the prices are still reasonable. The very name of Nepal conjures up images of snow-covered Himalayan peaks, Mount Everest and tea-houses. Nepal is all of this and so much more! The people are friendly, and the milk tea, momos (dumplings) and Dahl bhat are prevalent and delicious. It's sandwiched between China and India, but there's almost no Chinese influence to be found. Nepal is very much India's "little brother". From hectic, dusty Kathmandu, to laid back Pokhara, the Buddhist temples to the rugged Himalayan peaks, Nepal has something for everyone.

Annapurna's Poon Hill Trek

Hiking the Himalayas was at the top of our list when we decided to visit Nepal. Or, we decided to visit Nepal to hike the Himalayas! It went one way or the other. We did the Poon Hill Trek, a 4-6 day trek that's part of the Annapurna Base Camp trek.

If you're considering trekking with your kids, you'll want to start with the Complete Guide to Trekking in Nepal with Kids! Whether you're doing Annapurna like us, or any of the other incredible hikes in the area, you definitely want to begin here.