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Family Travel in Kyrgyzstan

People either don't know where Kyrgyzstan is, have already been, or want to go! The natural beauty of this country is stunning, and there's so much to do outdoors. My favourite thing about Kyrgyzstan is the not-for profit Community Based Tourism (CBT) that organizes trips and homestays around the country. It really keeps the tourist dollar in the local's pocket. I love knowing where my money is going! Family Travel in Kyrgyzstan is easy, with so many wide open spaces to let the kids run free.

I love the concept of Community Based Tourism in Kyrgyzstan. It's a not-for-profit made to support locals throughout the country. They've created a large network of homestays and yurtstays, as well as horseback riding and hiking tours. It's so nice to know that tourist dollars are going directly into the pockets of locals.

Although the homestays run more like a B&B, with minimal interaction with the hosts, it was still a great way to see how the locals live.

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan is still fairly grass-roots, with transit being the least developed. There are shared taxis and local buses that ply most routes, and your homestay host can easily book any ongoing transportation. The CBT offices in most cities are a great at arranging any local activities. However, it's inexpensive and easy to just book a customized,  private package with CBT and not have to worry about anything (if that's your style!!)