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Finding The World Beyond Our Comfort Zone

We’re a Canadian Family of 4 on a quest to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and explore the lesser-known corners of the globe. Our favourite question about our destination choices is “why?“, to which we always answer “why not!?“. We live a traditional life, but get away as much as possible…from a weekend in the mountains to a family gap year around the world, and everything in between. Let us show you that anything is possible…even with kids!

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The Best Wadis in Oman

Oman was a country that was barely even on my radar before I ended up booking a flight with a layover in Muscat. I knew it was in the Arabian Peninsula, but that was about it. Once I started to do my research, it quickly became apparent that the best thing to do was...

A Layover In Abu Dhabi With Kids – We Found Friends!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) never made it on our initial RTW itinerary. I always thought there was a chance we'd end up with a layover in Dubai at some point, but we didn't plan to stop for any period of time. That was, until we met a lovely family on...

Reflections on A Year Around The World

We've been home now for a month. I'm back to work, the kids are back to school, and our house looks mostly like "our" house again. Everyone asks us how it was, and what our favourite place was. But, our close friends push further..."no really....HOW was...

The Travel Blog

Follow our adventures around the world! Including itineraries, things to do, our travel experiences and more!

Planning A Family Gap Year

The Ultimate Guide to Planning A Family Gap Year! Everything you need to know from beginning to end, including tips for re-entry once you get home again.

Raising Global Citizens

This is one of the BIG reasons we choose to travel where we do. We’ve met our sponsor child in Vietnam, sent care packages to friends in Honduras, and thrown alternative birthday parties, all in the spirit of ensuring we’re responsibly contributing to the world.

Planning & Packing

Planning and then packing might possibly my favourite part of traveling!! Find tips for planning the perfect trip (alone or with others), and packing lists for the whole family!