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Finding The World Beyond Our Comfort Zone

We’re a Canadian Family of 4 on a quest to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and explore the lesser-known corners of the globe. Our favourite question about our destination choices is “why?“, to which we always answer “why not!?“. We live a traditional life, but get away as much as possible…from a weekend in the mountains to a family gap year around the world, and everything in between. Let us show you that anything is possible…even with kids!


The Best Things To Do In Egypt Beyond The Pyramids

Egypt is a fascinating country full of an incredible number of modern, ancient and natural wonders. However, when most people think about all the things to do in Egypt they don't tend to think much beyond the pyramids. Don't get me wrong, the pyramids are pretty darn...

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A Salty Stop at The Dead Sea With Kids

A visit to the Dead Sea has been idealized and portrayed as a wondrous experience that everyone will enjoy! Pictures of happy people reading books while floating in the Dead Sea abound on social media. While I often don't trust everything I see on social media, it...

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