A few times a year we send clothes, toys and canned goods to our Nanny’s family in the Philippines. We collect the stuff, give it to her, and she sends it off. We’ve never packed the box.

This week we put together a care package for our friends in Honduras. We stuffed as much as we could fit into the box, and then filled in all the empty spaces with clothes. The girls weren’t overly happy that we were giving away some of their toys, until they found out we were sending it all to their friends. Then they were on board. It’s amazing how much having a connection to the recipient increases their willingness to be generous.

Randy got the box packed up and then Melanie walked in and set him straight. He couldn’t send it like that. Someone at the post office might go through it and steal all the good stuff!

So, off he went to buy duct tape.

The taping began…

  1. First the bottom got a layer of duct tape, followed by the top.

    (Calais helped out by showing Randy all the tiny little spots on the box that were missing tape!)

  2. Next a layer was put on perpendicular to the first layer.
  3. Finally one continuous piece was wrapped around, and around, and around the box.

THEN came the packing tape!

Steps one to three were repeated with clear packing tape! (waterproofing!)


We got Melanie’s approval upon completion.

No one’s getting into that thing! I sure hope our Honduran friends have a big ‘ole knife to cut through it all.



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