We slogged our way through a massive home renovation with a toddler, pregnant mama, and semi-permanent houseguests. We got to our master bathroom and hit a crossroad. We could either finish the bathroom, or go travel. In true wanderlust fashion we opted to travel! I’d like to say that it wasn’t an easy decision, but we did’t even hesitate. We were ready to get away, just us, and explore something new. And Randy really, really wanted to go eat Pho!

Hanoi (1 of 1)

Since I was only working part time, I had lots of time to obsess over the trip before we left. I spent hours on trip advisor and agoda, scouring my lonely planet books, and reading other blogs of people who had travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia with young kids. I had a pretty good grasp on what I wanted to do while we were there, as well as a good idea of the things that I wanted to do that wouldn’t be practical with a 6 month and 2 year old. I didn’t want to book too much before we left for fear of being rushed. I also didn’t want to waste too much trip time searching for the “next thing”. I compromised and booked 4 nights with a friend in Hong Kong,  3 nights in Hanoi, a Hanoi Kids Walking Tour upon arrival, and a 3 day/2night cruise to Ha Long Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay. Our general route would then take us to Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Travel with kids (21 of 21)

I booked our flights; Grande Prairie (Alberta, Canada) –> Vancouver (overnight in Vancouver with family) –> Hong Kong (5 day layover) –> Hanoi.

One month later; Phnom Pehn –> Hong Kong –> Vancouver –> Grande Prairie.

No turning back now!!

With a notebook containing 3-4 well researched guest houses in each location, flight possibilities to get from city to city, hospital addresses and emergency numbers and some sight-seeing activities I wanted to do along the way…we were off.

Read about our Hong Kong Layover.

Now that our bathroom is (almost) completed…I love it!! However, I was happy to postpone it’s completion for a few years in order to spend some precious time half way around with world with my little family!


Our almost finished master bathroom!


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