For the past few years we have talked about heading to Alaska to visit one of my good friends. Something else has always come up and it just hasn’t happened yet. This summer we’re making time. This summer, we’re going to Alaska!

Alaska 2

Say the word “Alaska” and images begin to dance in my mind – polar bears, reindeer, icebergs, mountains, glaciers and rustic lodges taunting me to come and see for myself. There is just SO much to do in Alaska; so many places to go, so many things to see, and Alaska is EXPENSIVE!! With a limited amount of both time and money we asked ourselves the question “just how much can we fit in?”

After a bit of googling and talking to friends, I’ve narrowed it down to; Denali, Bethel (to visit Krystle), Juneau and the Inner Passage Ferry. Randy thinks I’m crazy. The girls are 3 & 4 years old, and we only have 2 weeks. It’s a lot to fit in. The problem is that Alaska is expensive!! It’s especially expensive to get there and I can’t imagine we’ll be back anytime soon so I want to make the most of it.

Randy wanted to cut out the ferry from Juneau to Prince Rupert, however that was out of the question! Other than my school-girl sleepover in Bethel, the ferry is at the top of my list.

Randy then suggested that maybe we could skip Denali. I promised Calais planes, trains, buses and boats and I can’t go back on my promise! Denali is the train and bus portion so yes, it’s still on the list. I guess we could cut out Juneau but we’re already going to be there so it would be a waste to not spend a day or two. So really we have to do it all. Is it too much? I don’t know, maybe? I’ll let ya know when we get back!!


(photos courtesy of my Bethel friend, Krystle!)

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