I am in love with these little Osprey backpacks. They are such great quality, comfortable, and have enough compartments to fit everything my preschooler needs! They have space for both airplane entertainment AND clothes for a week in here. Plus the girls love them because they’re “just like mom and dad’s”.

pack the perfect little kid carryon

Since I always make the girls carry their own packs they need to have enough to keep them entertained, but not so much that they are too heavy.

pack the perfect little kid carryon

Here is my list on how to pack the perfect little kid carryon (ages 2-3)

1. Kids headphones

pack the perfect little kid carryon

Little headphones are a must for flying. They are specially designed so that the volume won’t go high enough to damage your child’s ears. They also fit little heads properly! Seat back tv’s or an iPad with some games or movies downloaded can make a flight much more enjoyable for everyone. I don’t love the use of electronics all the time, but on a plane…bring ’em on!


2. Crayola colour wonder and a few mini markers.

pack the perfect little kid carryon

These are great because they don’t actually colour on anything but they special colour wonder paper. It doesn’t matter if your child isn’t good at keeping the pen on the page because it won’t show up on the airplane tray!





3. A NatGeo Little Kids magazine

pack the perfect little kid carryonpack the perfect little kid carryon

My girls usually just end up reading the safety demonstration card, but I do like to bring along other reading material! The Nat Geo little kids magazines are perfect. They are small and contain little games that help keep them entertained for longer.






 4. LeapReader Junior and 2 or 3 books.
pack the perfect little kid carryon

Pro: It is a great size for 2 and 3 year old hands, and easy to use on their own. It is cute, Kacela loves reading with her little doggy!

Con: It doesn’t come with a headphone jack (the regular LeapReader does). I figure that it’s no louder than me reading a book aloud myself, so I don’t worry about it.




5. A change of clothes

Even at this age I always bring a change of clothes. You never know when something will spill, a potty accident will happen, or someone will get sick on the plane. I always pack the change of clothes in a small Ebags packing cube.

pack the perfect little kid carryonpack the perfect little kid carryon

6. Lego and a baseplate

This is one of my favourite airplane activities. Baseplates come in a few different sizes, so if the large one is too big there are smaller ones available. The girls love these, it keeps them entertained for entire flights, and I love that it is electronic-free time.

pack the perfect little kid carryon pack the perfect little kid carryon

I know that at first glance this doesn’t seem like much, but it is enough!! We usually don’t end up using everything each trip, especially if there are seat-back tv’s. If you have the right variety of activities, less really is more.

What do you usually pack in your little kid’s carryon? Share your favourite item in the comments below!

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