Family Travel in Bolivia

Land-locked Bolivia is a country that's often overlooked in South America, which is a real shame. We visited near the tail end of our family gap year when everyone was tired and looking forward to heading home. The purpose of our visit here was two-fold; to visit the Amazon rainforest and the Salar de Uyuni.

We spent a whirlwind of a week in Bolivia, sweating in the Amazon jungle one day and playing in the snow in Uyuni the next day. I desperately wanted to spend a few days in the Pampas, but Randy was ready to be done moving around, so we compromised with just an Amazon rainforest tour. Sometimes I wish I would've pushed a bit harder on that one, but it just gives us an excuse to go back one day!

The Salar de Uyuni was COLD (it was the middle of winter when we visited), but that gave the sky a crips blue air that made time and space seem to disappear on the salt flats. It was exactly the experience I had hoped for, although we didn't get the experience with the "lake" above the flats. It was still pretty cool.

There's SO much more to Bolivia than these major tourist attractions. But, other than a couple days in La Paz, Bolivia for us was just the Amazon and the salt flats!

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