The best way to ensure your family trip goes as smooth as possible is to get prepared before you go. This includes packing the necessities for both travel and the destination, and preparing yourself and your kids for what to expect while you’re away. If the kids have a reasonable idea of what is happening on the vacation they will adapt faster. If YOU have a good handle on what to expect your stress level will be lower and you will enjoy the trip more. Below you will find packing lists for different destinations, my advice for what to bring on the plane, and guides for choosing a great place to stay & finding good food. Feel free to email or leave a comment if there is something that you cannot find!

Budgeting for Family Travel
How Much Does It Cost to Travel The World with Kids?

I was hesitant to write a post about this, a budget is such a personal thing. However, when I first started researching for our trip around the world, I obsessed...

9 Comments / Jun 19, 2017

Budget with points

One of my favourite little obsessions is to budget with points. I wouldn't consider myself a point hacker, but if I lived in the US I probably would be. The most...

0 Comment / Aug 14, 2015

Unguidebooks for Family Travel
Unguidebook To Paris With Kids

Paris isn't one of the first places most people think of for a family vacation, but you don't have to pass it over just because you're a parent. Paris is full of tons...

1 Comment / Aug 21, 2015