Family Travel in the USA

The USA holds a dear place in my heart. It is our next door neighbour, I lived there for 4 years during Optometry school, and it is where my dad lives. It is such a diverse country with a bit of everything for everyone. The Pacific NorthWest is my very favourite area, but I am definitely biased as I once called Portland home.
  • Some of nature’s most spectacular treasures can be found in the US. The Grand Canyon is definitely one of these and Toroweap is the Grand Canyon at it’s absolute best!

GC & AC (11 of 28)GC & AC (8 of 28)

  • I don’t love to pre-plan my itinerary when we travel as it feels restricting, but sometimes it just has to happen. Read my post on Alaska, how much can we fit in to get an idea of our pre-planned itinerary. A short tourist season, expensive prices and limited time made pre-planning this vacation a must.
  • We were incredibly lucky to get a little Introduction to Bush Alaska while visiting my girlfriend in Bethel. It was well off the tourist track, and an experience that not many people get to have.
  • Randy’s favourite part of our Alaska trip was Salmon Fishing in the Kuskokwim. The girls still talk about catching the KING salmon! Maybe we need to get them out more.
  • One truly unique Alaskan experience is A Visit to Fish Camp. Don’t know what fish camp is? Neither did we!

Luckily for us there was enough of a breeze to blow the mosquitos away for our Tundra walk!