Benin has a little bit for everybody! There are beautiful beaches in the south, Pendjari Safari park in the North, historical slave trade remnants and palaces of the Abomey Kings of the past.

Benin is an uncommon family travel destination. Actually, it’s an uncommon travel destination in general! Travel here isn’t easy, but with most things that are difficult, the reward is worth the effort.

We were often the only guests at our accommodation, and at times the only tourists at an entire site! I don’t expect tourism to increase drastically in the near future, but I also don’t think it’ll remain as untouched forever. If you love off the beaten path destinations, I highly recommend a trip to Benin!

Below are the blog posts from our visit to Benin:

  • The stilt village of Ganvie, Benin is one of the more touristy places in the country. It’s worth the visit, but also worth spending the night if you want to avoid the few other tourists you might see.
  • The Atacora region in Northern Benin is home to the Somba people. Some still reside in their traditional Tata Somba houses. It’s possible to visit these amazing houses with the right guide and a bit of planning!
  • It’s possible to go on a safari in Pendjari National Park in Northern Benin. There are lions, elephants, antelope and many other amazing animals to see, although the lions are a bit different than their East African cousins. If you’re lucky, you might just have the park all to yourself like us!