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Family Travel in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with an incredible amount of history. It's the location of one of the major epicentres of the Silk Road and is completely jam packed full of Silk Road sites. There are beautiful blue-tiled buildings everywhere, and hints of the many cultures that once converged here. Getting around is easy and travel is inexpensive. There's a crazy number of things to see, but. the food lacks in variety. You'll probably get sick of the food before you get sick of the sites! Family Travel in Uzbekistan is relatively easy, but it might be worth packing a few snacks from home!

Uzbekistan is a relatively easy country for independent travel. If you're going to have someone do anything for you, I'd suggest having them book your train tickets! The line-ups were always crazy (and hot!), and it required a lot of google translate and usually someone in line helping to ensure we got what we wanted. You can book these online, but then you'll pay the official exchange rate. The currency black market is so prevalent in Uzbekistan, there's no point paying the posted rate.

It's possible to change money on the streets, but I would't recommend it. Officially, it's illegal, and often you won't get what you thought you were getting. We changed money at our accommodation in Tashkent, and this would be my recommendation!