Part of the reason we travel with our kids is to raise global citizens. We want them to be aware of the world around them, to appreciate similarities and differences, and to develop an understanding that life just isn’t fair. Through responsible travel we will help them develop compassion and understanding. Although travel plays a large role, giving back and getting involved in community projects will augment this at home. Awareness, and a desire to raise global citizens, is the first step.

Rural Travel and Village Life
Our Village Stay in West Africa

We left Lome and travelled along the well-maintained highway for quite some time, still slightly shocked by the sights and sounds of Africa. People on the roadside...

19 Comments / Nov 16, 2016

Rural Travel in Honduras with Kids

The most common reaction I've received when describing our second week in Honduras is "you did that on purpose?". Yes, we did. And we were excited about it!! We...

5 Comments / Jan 20, 2016

Giving Back
A Lesson in Wrapping a Care Package

A few times a year we send clothes, toys and canned goods to our Nanny's family in the Philippines. We collect the stuff, give it to her, and she sends it off. We've...

0 Comment / Jun 17, 2016

Packing a Christmas Shoebox

We don't buy Christmas presents for our girls. They get plenty of gifts from grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc that we don't feel the need to add to the excessive...

0 Comment / Dec 10, 2015